WITHINMYHIJAB was created in 2012, the year I don the hijab. Why WITHINMYHIJAB? I had a series of blogs previously and they all started with "within". Thus, WITHINMYHIJAB. Blogging have been part of my life since my secondary school years. It was where I kept all my "secrets". (psst, though my father found out about them eventually). Hahaha. Reading back my old blog entries brings back fond memories and giggles. Blogging will be always be apart of me and I hope to continue sharing my thoughts in this personal space of mine.

I hope you enjoy reading WITHINMYHIJAB as much as I love filing them up with memories.

P/S: Every content I share on WITHINMYHIJAB is purely based on my own thoughts and opinion. In an event where any of my posts offend you, I sincerely apologise in advance. From the bottom of my heart, sincerely.

Zahra Johari