Our First Eid

Apparels by: Syaira.byvynella
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Alhamdulillah. The month of Ramadan have been a beautiful one for me thus far and I hope it has been for all of you too! We have reached the last 10 days of this beautiful month and as much as we all love this month to stay, let's make the most of Ramadan while we still can. Though I have spent most of my weekends working, I am really glad that my Husband have been a dear on supporting me and making time to spend it with our families.
It's our first Aidilfitri together as Husband and Wife *Alhamdulillah! For the very first time too, we actually got ourselves a matching pair of Eid outfits! The lovely team from Vynella (our wedding deco!) gifted us with this lovely surprise. Amin and myself was so thrilled and we are so thankful for this. 

We both love how simple the look is and for myself, to get another look, I paired the top with my ever comfortable wide leg pants (halal pants I call it) and jeans on a casual day out. Amin on the other hand got himself his very first jubah, where he wore it for prayers too.

We both love the material as its very cooling and comfortable. Definitely, you can wear this throughout your Raya visitings as its like, comfort meets style. =)

I finally have my Husband with me in-front of the camera. =D

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and may this Raya creates the best memories and tighten all the bonds we have with our loved ones, families and friends. 
I would also like to seek for forgiveness should I have hurt anyone of you. Be it through blogging, social media and personally. May we meet the next Ramadan, Insya'Allah.

Much love,
Zahra and Amin

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