Happy Weekends ft LosraVelda

Maxi Dress : Enzella in Midnight Blue by LosraVelda
Shawl : LosraVelda
Clutch : Ted Baker
Pumps : Salvatore Ferragamo

photos by Amin

Weekends are very very precious to me whenever I'm on weekend offs these days. It's like, "Alhamdulillah, thank You for this lovely time with my loved ones". Spent most of my weekends with family and now we have a new agenda on the list which is, to beautify my own home. Praise to Allah, Amin and myself now finally got the keys to our own abode. Time really flies as I still vividly remember that we were applying for the house when I was in Korea doing my exchange programme. Back then, Amin did all the documentations on his own. Buying our own unit came "unknowingly" as my parents was still not aware that I was going out with Amin. Naughty me but I was scared you see. Really tickles me whenever I reminisce about the past. What matters now is the present, yes? =)

I got to give it to my parents especially, for helping us in many areas to kickstart the beautification process of our abode. Also, my sisters for sponsoring my home appliances. =D Maybe I will share more on my house journey if time permits, InsyaAllah. 

One of the weekend got me wearing this lovely dress from LosraVelda! LosraVelda just spells Modesty in all their apparels. Not only that, I am very much in love with their simple sophisticated designs and not compromising on the quality. Pairing the dress with their very own labelled, shawl. It's a light satin shawl and styling was a breeze. Not too slippery! LosraVelda is now on Fashionvalet.com so for us Singaporeans, we can shop LosraVelda apparels with free shipping! More reasons to get your hands on these lovely apparels. Now, have fun shopping ladies!

If you have been following me on Instagram (@zahraaaj), I'm pretty sure you know this little girl of mine. Here's Auni Marsya. She's 3 going 4 years old. She's very very smart and I love how she brings smiles to everyone around her with her bubbly self. Auni, if you ever ready this someday, Ucu just wants you to know you are one of God's best gift to our family. Keep shining and always make your parents proud. <3

Hope you guys had a lovely long weekend and have a lovely week ahead!

Much Love,
Zahra J and Auni Marsya.

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