Magical Wedding Gift by Sufyaa

Dress: Enchanted Cape Dress in Black by Sufyaa (@sufyaa_sg)
Shawl: Plain Camellia in Black
Accessories: Bali
Nail Polish: Love from Zahara (@lovefromzahara)

photos by Amin

Assalamualaikum everyone! Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. Since my last blog post, I totally got my life changed in many beautiful ways that it got me speechless whenever I make a du'a! I have so much to share (both ups and downs) with all of you that I do not know where to start! I'll blog slowly from now onwards, InsyaAllah, to share with you both personal thoughts and outfits inspirations. Something I have always wanted to do but always feel as though its just not the right time yet. Whenever I share my thoughts with my partner on this, he keeps reminding me this "Always remember why you started all these and not let negativity stop you". InsyaAllah.

Right after my honeymoon, came home to a lovely package my Sufyaa! A wedding gift that got me in awed as unboxing the dress and shawl from the lovely sweet scented red box was lovely! Thank you Sufyaa and team for the wishes and gift. 

Wore the dress to my very first Wedding invite together with Husband and the occasion fits perfectly. As after the wedding, Husband took me out on our usual Saturday date. Something that we may not be doing as often anymore given my work schedule now. Not complaining though as I'm loving this new odd workings hours now. Life isn't as repetitive as it gets when I was in the 8am-5pm office hours life. 

I will let the pictures do its own justice on how beautifully designed the dress is. One thing for sure, its time to send the dress for alteration as I can't make do with the heels ladies. I just kennnuttt! HAHA! I have no idea why I chose all black ensemble but I love it. Paired with Sufyaa's very own Camellia Shawl and girl, if you give me chiffon, you rock my world! My shawl collection have transformed tremendously to 90% chiffon collection. All thanks to my Mum who started buying me the shawls and thankfully, more shops is selling them now! For a start, if you ladies wanna try a really light chiffon shawl, please give Sufyaa a visit and start shopping!

Alrighty, I will give it a stop here for now. Catch up with you soon! I would really love to hear from you girls about anything under the sun (but not hate emails okay? Let's all spread love instead. =D) and know more about you! Do drop me an email at and Ukhwah Fillah, InsyaAllah! 

Much Love,
Zahra Johari

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