Cool Hijab Serum by Princess Lurve

Cool Hijab by Princess Lurve (click here)

Assalamualaikum! Ahh.. It's been quite sometime since my last update. I hope you guys are doing great on your side. =D

Anyhoooos, I am pretty sure you ladies are aware of a hair serum specially meant for ladies wearing Hijab, known as Cool Hijab. I was pretty amazed by the results this serum produced after wearing it for a week now. The lovely minty smell it leaves after applying it on my scalp is really pleasant. Plus, you will feel this coolness effect on your scalp and gosh, it's an awesome feeling that you really will love love it!

I normally apply the serum twice a day. One in the morning and another at night right before I head to bed. The coolness effect after application will stay for quite sometime, especially after donning your hijab!

I would normally have 3 pumps of the serum at the tip on my fingers and throughly massage my scalp. I feel that having the serum at the tip of my fingers makes it more easier for me to have a more thorough application. The serum is not oily and its really suitable for all hair types.

After a week with this product, I would really recommend you ladies to try it out! 

Here's why;
  • I no longer have any tangled hair after taking off my Hijab
  • My hair still smells minty after one whole day wearing the Hijab
  • It moisturises my scalp
  • I can always smell the mint even with my Hijab on
  • It really softens my hair
Now, good things must always be shared! Do get your Cool Hijab from Princess Lurve (Instagram) now! They are having a pre-order for this product till 23rd May! Don't miss your chance on getting this product and may we all benefit from this product!

Princess Lurve also sells a variety of Muslimah Apparels. Have fun browsing and shopping ladies!

Much Love,
Zahra J.