February already!

Glitter Shawl: @shopwithinmyhijab
Polka Outerwear: Online
Slit Pinafore: Flea
Pants: Factorie
Sneaks: Onitsuka Tiger (bought it at Marina Square)
Tote: Ted Baker
Accessories: Theshawllabel, Diliyab, Tiffany & Co

photos by Amin

Assalamualaikum everyone! I thank you for reading this space of mine till today. It's been awhile ey! Pardon me for not blogging and updating as I normally do. In all honesty, I was really caught up with work and I tend to just give myself a break from anything whenever I have the chance to. I know no matter, I should fight the laziness and head out whenever I can to spend precious time with my loved ones. 

That aside, here's me sharing with you my favourite sneaks as of date! If you have been following me on my Instagram, (@zahraaaJ) you would have notice that I have been wearing this sneaks to pair with different outfits! I was in awe when my fianc√© chose this pair for me and he was skeptical of how I will pair it with my outfits. He was really afraid that it will be difficult for me to match. I totally couldn't get my hands off this pair as the colours spells me all over it. Thankfully, pairing this lovely have been a breeze. Do head over to my Instagram should you wanna view more of the outfits I pair this sneaks with! 

I hope to update this space and also my personal space more often as documenting lovely memories allows me to sit back and read them all over again. For one, I have problem with forgetting things easily. Also, its time to document planning's to the big day! *excited*

To those who have emailed me, I am sorry for getting back to you longer than I should. Will try my best to reply you ladies soonest! Till my next post, InsyaAllah. May He keep all of you safe and in pink of health. 

Much Love,
Zahra J.

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