Welcome, 2015!

Shawl: Zecca Sequin Shawl Green by Ayuapparels
Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Aria Sequin Black by Ayuapparels
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Accessories: Tiffany&Co and Theshawllabel.

pictures by Amin

Assalamualaikum everyone! Pardon me as this post came up a little late when I intended to have it up for my last post of 2014. But hey, happy 2015!

2014 for me had been a bittersweet year. Nonetheless, I have learned to always keep my mind positive and I can never have done this without the help from The Almighty. Also, my dearest fiance who has always been the most encouraging one alongside my Mum, I can't thank you all enough for always believing in what I pursue. 

Alhamdulillah, after all the struggles I went through with my education life, I have graduated and now employed. This will be the highlight of my 2014 ending with life greatest achievements, thus far. 

Incidents in 2014 taught me the importance of trust. I wouldn't want to have it another way by meeting the wrong ones before the right ones. Allah knows best and I thank Him for all these life lessons He gave and teaches the ones who really cares. At times when we are so engrossed with the life here in Dunya, we tend to forget the main objective of us having to prepare ourselves for Akhirat. I admit, I am not the best of a muslimah I should be in the eyes of my Creator and I surely have a long way to go. My cousin said this to me, "Even I am afraid that at the midst of saving ourselves before Allah on the day of judgement, I will not look for my own family members to call their name and have them in Jannah with me. What more my friends and my loved ones too". Surely, it got me all teared up and thinking what should be done. 

Another take away from 2014 would also be having to change oneself. There is no better way to set positive environment then be the one who exudes positivity. Went for a talk recently and a sister shared about how she was struggling at work as her colleague was being nasty and have not been doing his job properly. She was having a tough time at work with the colleague and thought that she should either change job or raise it to her supervisor. The replied she got from Ustaz was, "In life, you meet many different kinds of people. People you like and you might not favour. Everyone is made different. Let say in this situation, the colleague who have been giving you the negative vibes at work is being replaced by a new one and still, that vibe did not change. Are you still going to dwell on it or even quite your job? No. All you can do is to change yourself. The change starts from you. You have to make things work. Be the person you want from another. Spread the positivity you would want from another. InsyaAllah, Allah will help you out. Wallahu a'lam". Very meaningful indeed and I hope we can all work towards a better self, InsyaAllah. 

It's a brand new year and may we all be a better person for ourselves and a better person for Him. Work hard for your dreams for both Dunya and Akhirat. One that I have always hoped for will be seeing sisters encouraging each other even more rather than discouraging one another. Life is short and there is no other better way to help each other in all ways we can. For that, thank you sisters who have spurred me with motivational emails and sharing with me your thoughts via email and my Instagram. I can always be reached at withinmyhijab@gmail.com. 

To an adventurous 2015, everyone!

Much Love,
Zahra J.