Nature ft Poplook

 | The Rainforest Scarf - Meadow Mist and Colby Pleated Maxi Dress by POPLOOK |

All Comfortable

Shawl : Pudore
Oversized Dress : @nuara_sg
Bag : Poplook x Sometimebyasian Designs
Shoe : Onitsuka Tiger

photos by Amin

Finally finally having the chance to blog! Ahh.. How I've missed writing an entry here. I wanted to share the outfit post on my Instagram initially but dearest A have been sucha sweetheart. He captures lovely photos and being ever patient behind the lens. So here I am. Sharing with you he's efforts! 

These photos was captured quite awhile back and all I could remember was that I wanted to go simple and really casual for my permanent weekend dates with A. I got really excited that A presented me with a lovely shawl from Pudore and decided to match it with my oversized dress from Nuara_sg (Instagram). Since we had some errands to run on that day, paired my whole outfit with my trusted Onitsuka to add on some colour to the whole look! Finishing it off with the ever so roomy Soho Bag by Poplook! This time, the Soho Bag came in mini version. (I can still have all my barangs-barangs, needed or not, in the bag! =D)

I hope I can squeeze in more time at this space before I get really really occupied!

Ouh! Just wanted to share this with all of you! I am currently penning down my last 100 days as a single lady in my personal diary. Each day, I pen down how I've spent my day and takeaways of what I've learned each day. It feels really emotional to see the number of days decreasing but it makes me appreciate people and happenings that I have overlooked before. I hope someday in the future, when I look back on how I spent my last 100 days as a single lady, I'd smile and "Alhamdulillah" follows. InsyaAllah. Give it a try ladies!

Much Love,
Zahra Johari

Laid back palette.

Shawl: @hanaoliviafs (here)
Lips: Colourpop Matte Lips by @writinginskies
Top: Unbranded
Dress: @nuara_sg (here)

Feels so good to finally have the chance to visit this site once again and writing up a post. I hope when you are reading this, you're in pink of health and remember to keep smiling okay? Psst, you may not know that your smile would mean the world to someone out there ;)

Even before I started donning Hijab, I have been following and admiring Indonesian Muslimahs' fashion. I am pretty sure most of you know Dian Pelangi right? She's so inspiring, MasyaAllah. At such a young age, she had her own label and married. Her collections are simply amazing. Full of colours and yet so modest. From her, I began to follow more Indonesian fashion influencers and I simply love how they modestly dress themselves. Let me name a few of my favourites! @fitriaulia_ , @zahratuljannah , @restuanggraini , @ranihatta and @luluelhasbu . 

To me, they define, "Fashionable not compromising modesty." 

Thus, when @nuara_sg approached me to do a review of their apparels, I can't say no! It's like I finally met THE shop for me to go crazy on all the Indonesian Apparels! I always tried to shop for Indonesian apparels online but the shipping cost is cray cray! Now, I don't have to worry about that all thanks to @nuara_sg! @nuara_sg left me spoilt for choice. I finally settled with a simple buttoned down dress in nude. Plus point, the material of the dress is so soft! I wanted to look really casual and here's my take! Pairing the outfit with @hanaoliviafs lace shawl with a laid back hijab style. Thank you once again @nuara_sg and @hanaoliviafs for completing my look. =)

On a side note, I truly apologise for not giving this space much attention as weekends have been packed with getting the checklist done for InsyaAllah, my wedding. Yes, as much as I am afraid of what the future holds, I know He have my best interest and the best of all planners. 

Much Love,
Zahra Johari.

After a long Hiatus ft Iwearmodesty

Long Cardigan: Iwearmodesty (IG)
Shoe: Adidas
Accessories: The Shawl Label

Assalamualaikum! It's been too long since I last wrote an entry in this space! Pardon me as I have been catching up with my loved ones. I hope all of you are doing pretty well and thank you for having the time to read this humble space of mine. 

Time flies so fast that we are now in August already! Alhamdulillah, August have been amazing thus far. Of course, the highlight has got to be the day I turned a year older (as He allows me to be awed and thankful for all He have given me up till today) and also Graduation comes screaming at me! (it's like I have waited the whole of my life for this day. HAHA) 
Also, after a change in my career, the takeaways from it was really beautiful, MasyaAllah. Sometimes we get really frightened to explore something new and feel really afraid with all the "what if" questions. I admit, I was stucked in a position whereby I had to sacrifice something dear to me. Which was doing what I love in my previous job. Nonetheless, Allah had something better for me and although I had to give up doing the job I love, Alhamdulillah I am content. So, when you are in a really difficult situation or in the toughest decision making, have faith and believe that what's meant for you will be the best for you. What's not, Allah always have better plans for you, InsyaAllah. 

I was elated when Iwearmodesty (click here) approached me. I have always loved their collection of modesty apparels. The owner ensures that every piece is designed to portray modesty, in every sense of the word. Apart from wearing their collection, I found a lovely sister in the owner herself. We instantly clicked and without realising that we nearly talked for almost 45mins on our first meeting. Sucha warming experience. Ladies, do give your support for Iwearmodesty over on Instagram yeah? They even do customisation and Iwearmodesty ensures that each fabric they chose are of high quality. 

Have a beautiful weekend you alls! 

Much Love,
Zahra J.

Poplook Raya 2015

Shawl: Shopwithinmyhijab
Top: Khadijah Beaded Chiffon Top - Burnt Orange by POPLOOK
Mermaid Skirt: Henna Mermaid Jacquard Skirt - Brown Jacquard by POPLOOK

photos by Amin

Poplook has recently launched their Premium Raya Collection. I am sure many of you have viewed their collection and notice that their pieces this year has a vintage theme to it. They also combine a touch of elegance with simplicity in all their designs. I was particularly attracted to the combination above.

The beaded top matches perfectly with the jacquard mermaid skirt. The thoughts I had when I chose this pair was the different top I could match with the skirt and vice versa. That is how versatile this pair is. For me, the patterns and colours that match the outfit gives me the vintage vibes. The dark palette from this pair sure complete the whole vintage look. Thus, I chose a dark coloured lipstick to go along. (This is my first having such colour on me!) Another plus point for this pair is the top! The sleeves to the top have zip on it making it easier for Wudhu'.

Let me share with you my other personal favourites from Poplook's Raya Collection!

Simple and everything classy! Accessorise this pair with a shawl pinned on your shoulder and you are good to go!

Another classic piece which reminds me of the actress, Saloma. =)

I always have a thing for dresses and this beautifully printed dress stands out on its own.

Let me share with you ladies the other designs by Poplook Premium Raya Collection.

 Have a good time browsing and shopping for your Raya apparels ladies!

Do head over to to view more of their Raya collection!

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims Ramadhan Kareem! I do apologise for any shortcomings from myself. As I blog each time, I am not sure if I have said anything wrong that may have offended anyone of you. Have a blessed Ramadhan and may we all strive to be a better person than who we are yesterday.

Much Love,

Shades of Red

Shawl : Amani Instant shawl by Stereorosestore (IG)
Dress : Rosila Dress by Faroshah (IG)
On lips : Riri Woo for MAC

photos by Amin

Finally penning down an outfit post. The past long weekend has been amazing as I get to spend it with my love ones. I hope all of you enjoyed yours too!

I had the above outfit planned to be easy to wear after spending the whole day at the beach. Maxi dress is one of the easiest to pack. Plus, I picked Amani Instant shawl that needs no pins at all. Ahh. Sucha breeze. Paired the whole outfit with slippers since, I was erm from the beach right? Haha. Had red lips for the night since it was chosen by my fiancé. (I always have at least 5 different shades of lippies in my bag wherever I go! Do you? =D)

Happy Midweek you alls!

Much Love,
Zahra J.

Cool Hijab Serum by Princess Lurve

Cool Hijab by Princess Lurve (click here)

Assalamualaikum! Ahh.. It's been quite sometime since my last update. I hope you guys are doing great on your side. =D

Anyhoooos, I am pretty sure you ladies are aware of a hair serum specially meant for ladies wearing Hijab, known as Cool Hijab. I was pretty amazed by the results this serum produced after wearing it for a week now. The lovely minty smell it leaves after applying it on my scalp is really pleasant. Plus, you will feel this coolness effect on your scalp and gosh, it's an awesome feeling that you really will love love it!

I normally apply the serum twice a day. One in the morning and another at night right before I head to bed. The coolness effect after application will stay for quite sometime, especially after donning your hijab!

I would normally have 3 pumps of the serum at the tip on my fingers and throughly massage my scalp. I feel that having the serum at the tip of my fingers makes it more easier for me to have a more thorough application. The serum is not oily and its really suitable for all hair types.

After a week with this product, I would really recommend you ladies to try it out! 

Here's why;
  • I no longer have any tangled hair after taking off my Hijab
  • My hair still smells minty after one whole day wearing the Hijab
  • It moisturises my scalp
  • I can always smell the mint even with my Hijab on
  • It really softens my hair
Now, good things must always be shared! Do get your Cool Hijab from Princess Lurve (Instagram) now! They are having a pre-order for this product till 23rd May! Don't miss your chance on getting this product and may we all benefit from this product!

Princess Lurve also sells a variety of Muslimah Apparels. Have fun browsing and shopping ladies!

Much Love,
Zahra J.


Shawl: Shopwithinmyhijab (IG)
Maxi Dress: Nuala Colourblock Jubah Beige/Navy by POPLOOK
Sandals: The Editor's Market
On Lips: Doll me up by Gerard Cosmetics 

Back to blogging me! Typing this on sucha beautiful chilly rainy day. I have been staying home this weekend nursing myself to recovery. I gotta admit that my immune system is pretty weak and I have tried many different ways to keep myself healthy. I am still searching and not giving up. 

Recently I was involved in something that really got me scared. Well it may not be big to many but it gave me a sense of realisation that I am given yet another day to live. This incident knocked me real hard that I am not ready to face my Creator as I still have so much to do here in preparation for the hereafter. 

I just hope all of us will cherish each day and live it as though its our last. Throw all the hatred and live with positivity. I am not saying that staying positive all the time is easy but we have to try. Find your inner peace and always know He is always there for you. 

Would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate all ITE graduates who made it to the next phase of your education path! You've nailed it guys! Don't be disheartened if you did not make it to Polytechnic or even the school/course of your choice. We are where we are for a reason. Seize all opportunity given and always strive for the best. People may not know the amount of effort we put in to be where we are but be proud of yourself! Wishing all of you the best in your pursuits. 

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Much Love,
Zahra J.