That experience you wouldn't wanna miss ; Dining under the Stars

I had no clue as what was in store for me as the only thing A told me was "We are going for a nice dinner on the 20th." Since then, I was looking forward for the 20th. Why? One, 20th of each month have always been special for us though we do not celebrate it often. Two, A rarely have something planned out of the blue unless its our anniversary or my birthday. 

He drove to Labrador Park and I had no clue to which restaurant we could dine in the area. According to A, we reached earlier than expected. So we stroll around the park and I had the chance to take some pictures for my next outfit post! (stay tune!) So as we walked, someone approached us. A introduced me to his friend, Farhan. Apparently, the guy was his secondary school friend. Farhan sounded really professional when he said "I will be your host for today. Amin have a surprised dinner for you". I was lost for words. A and I followed Farhan and while walking, I saw a dining table for two in the middle of the park. All nicely set and simple said, all ready for a candle light dinner. 

I seriously wanted to run away as I have never experienced dining in the open and I had no idea on how I will react when people around will look at the two of us eating! A told me its all gonna be okay and Farhan being a great host he is told me to calm down and introduced me to the chef, Chef Afnan. (Yes, we had our own personal chef) =D

The ambience was just perfect. By the sea, a private setting (a romantic one I should say) just for A and myself and our very own personal host and chef!

Chef Afnan! He was really friendly and he patiently explains each dish he prepares for us. Also, feel free to interact with Chef Afnan while he prepares your meal! Plus, according to Chef Afnan, the menu is used as guide for customers. He generally cooks whatever the customer wishes to have and he will add his own twist to it. He loves challenge!

Here's A and Farhan, the host for the evening.

The lovely set up. 

We had three course meal all together starting with the Appetizers, Entrees and Dessert. 

The Appetizers

I had creamy wild Mushroom Soup. I'm giving this 5/5! Its so delish that I only shared a spoon full with A. The sweet crunchy bread compliments the soup really well. (I can vividly remember the taste as I typed this) I am a mushroom soup lover so I have tasted many different kind of mushroom soups. From the instant one and to one that is made from scratch! This is just exceptionally delish!

A had Tobiko Lobster Tartine. He loved his that he couldn't stop complimenting the appetiser. I couldn't agree more.

Next up was Entrees. 

I had Beef Milanese. I just love steak! I will give this 4.5/5! The only thing that didn't made it perfect was the tenderness of the steak. It was too well done as according to the chef, his tenderiser was spoilt and he apologised for that. Forgiven of course! The sauce was just nice and you will have this lovely after taste. (pardon, I'm not a food expert so I can't express well)

A definitely loved his. He had Surf and Turf. He gave it 5/5 too. He loved the prawns dipped with the sauce, especially. According to the chef, his speciality is experimenting with sauces. He rarely gets the same taste of saucy each time he creates one. So, in other words, the taste of the sauce just gets better and better. 

We wrapped the lovely dinner with a sweet dessert.

The message on the plate totally got me speechless. I was beaming with happiness and this got me all shy. The dessert is a fusion of western and local. Just perfect to end the lovely dinner.

I really need to compliment on how Chef Afnan displays his dishes. I can tell he takes pride in his work. Awesome job, Chef!

Overall, I enjoyed the whole dining experience. One, its my very first experience to dine only with A under the stars and took our own sweet time enjoying our food. Two, both the host and chef are really friendly people and they made the whole atmosphere with zero awkwardness. Three, I never knew A would be this romantic as this is our very first candle light dinner. HAHA!

So, the whole experience is possible thanks to Mayornice Avenue! (click here) They are the first that I knew to have such dining concept. Clients are free to choose your dining location! Awesome eyy. For price, I am not able to disclose to you as I am clueless about this myself. Both A and the host kept it a secret from me. Feel free to enquire more yourself! 

Mayornice Avenue also does take aways and home cook base. Start enquiring people! Its an experience you'll definitely enjoy. 

Dearest A, thank you for everything huns.

Much Love,
Zahra J.

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