That Lovely Dress with A Touch of Colours

Hoojab : Pearl Daisy
Buttoned Maxi Dress : c/o xoxoawliyahchic (instagram)
Monocrome Blazer : Thrifted
Bag : Michael Kors
Shades : Ray Ban

Lately, I have been wearing the Hoojab as seen on my Instagram (@zahraaaJ, follow me if you haven't!). Hoojab is specially made by Amena from Pearl Daisy. Amena has been an inspiration to me, even before I don the hijab. Her videos on Youtube is worth watching! She covers topics such as fashion, Islam, useful tips, her seasonal OOTDs and many more! Personally, I love her sharing on,  "Things people misunderstood about Hijab". Go have a look on her page and subcribe to her! Click here.

Why I love Hoojab? Hoojab is so easy to wear and it gives me the coverage I need. The array of colours are just yummy! The one I am wearing is the Trian Hi-Low Hoojab. As you can tell from the picture, that's how I got the short and long drape effect. Hoojab can be purchased at Pearl Daisy Website, here. The currency will be in pound so you have to check the rate before checking out for your purchases. The purchase made will also include shipping cost. What you can actually do is to gather your friends and share the shipping cost! Just like what my friend and I did! But, we were lucky as on the day of purchase, Pearl Daisy actually had a free worldwide delivery! I can't wait to get a few more colours as it is quite addictive and worth every penny.

photos by Amin

The moment I opened the parcel from Awliyahchic, my eyes beamed with joy! The Ivory dress is really lovely. I keep reminding myself to pair it with a colours to give the dress more "life". My thrifted blazer jazz the outfit just the way I like it. Not too much and monochrome never gets old. Personally, I really have a thing for cuffed wrist. The whole dress is quite sheer tho, so, I wore a full inner dress of skin tone. To add a little accessory, I paired my metal belt for a more classy look. Ladies, you don't wanna miss out on the lovely range of dresses Awliyahchic has! Click here, for their Instagram page.

I hope you readers had a great weekend and on a side note, I am actually typing this while appreciating the drips and drops of the rainfalls. I teared upon the sound. A little emotional here but I thank God for hearing our prayers. Lovely week ahead everyone!

Much Love,
Zahra J.


  1. Salam (: I just have to say that you look like a princess in this dress, so beautiful! *.*

    1. Wassalam!

      That's really nice of you dear! I'm sure you'll look just like a princess too with a white maxi! =)

      Much Love,
      Zahra J.