photos by Amin

Ombré Shawl: c/o of scarlet_love_shawls (Instagram) | Denim Jacket: Forever21 | Sleeveless Maxi: c/o HelwaHijabi

Started off my week with a new objective which is moving myself from wearing pants as much as possible. The main reason for this is down to the weather as it has been scorching hot for the past 2 weeks or so. Yeah. Its that bad. Maxi Skirts to the rescue and that made me realise how limited my maxi collections are. A little bit of retail therapy please, Mr Amin?

The outfit above is one of the simplest outfit that I've put together. Maxi skirts really are cooling! The denim jacket adds a little bit of edge to my girlish outfit. I love how vibrant the colours are and it perks my mood instantly! 

I hope your weekend have been an enjoyable one thus far! Till the next post lovelies!

Much Love,
Zahra J. 

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