Pop Of Plaid

 photos by Amin

Cardigan : Cotton On | Plaid Shirt : Thrifted | Jeans : F21 | Shoe : Superga

Surprised pair of red superga from fianc√©! Love how the colour enhanced the whole look. Purposely tucked in my plaid shirt neatly to finish the whole look as prim and proper. Since I'm a pear shape, the  long cardigan made justice to keep me "in shape" at all time. I will be pretty busy with school work from now on. Fighting against time to meet all the due dates every week. 

Also, keep your emails coming if you have anything you want to share with me. Love reading your emails girls! #Worldhijabday just passed recently and to my sisters who have embraced hijab, Alhamdullilah! Such a lovely sight that you ladies just left me smiling and praising the Almighty. To my sisters who have the intention, I sincerely know how you feel! Been there! Once the intention is there, just do it. Don't let anything stop you. If you want to share it with me, I'll be more than glad to reply you girls. Email me up at withinmyhijab@gmail.com. Till the next one!

Much Love,
Zahra J

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