Sponsored | A Lined Maxi Dress

 photos by Amin

Shawl : c/o Souqnisa | Maxi A Lined : c/o Helwa Hijabi | Bag : Eatingzombie | Accessories : Tiffany & Co, Pandora

I am enjoying my holidays right now and I really hope you guys are too! Less than a month more to 2014! Ouh my! Time really do ticks really fast nowadays. Personally, this is the fastest year that moves in a blink of an eye. Who would have thought I will be continuing my studies right now when it is actually time for me to be securing a full time job. Well, I was working for a company and truly, I love what I did as it is related to my diploma but I guess, I need a little more. Alhamdulillah, my parents offered. My Dad always remind all his daughters that he will be the one taking care of our school fees no matter at which level of education as long as he is able to. Working towards that finishing line and I can't wait to make my parents proud. Who wouldn't right? 

Yesterday, while attending one of my closest friend wedding, I decided to wear the A lined maxi dress from Helwa Hijabi. Not being biased but I truly love the piece! I am a pear shaped and I really need to avoid clothes that emphasis on my hips and down. Another reason why I love skirts. A line design? Perfecto! The ombre shawl from Souqnisa adds more colours to my outfit and I love the outcome of it. Have a great Sunday ahead guys! 

Much Love,
Zahra J. 


  1. Hi where you get the belt?

    1. Hi! you may get it at Zalora.sg if they still have it. =)

      Much Love,
      Zahra J

  2. Hi! Is this dress body hugging? :)