Shawl : c/o Souqnisa | Maxi Dress : Azzaelite Shop | Bag : Mum's Polo Sling | Watch : Marc by Marc Jacobs

Here, I am pairing a lovely maxi dress Mum got me during her last visit in KL with a pretty laced maxi shawl from Souqnisa. Instantaneously fell in love with the dress when I opened the package. Love the richness of blue! It is a little big for my size but I still love it nonetheless. This pretty dress is from one of Malaysia's Artiste, Azza Elite. I can tell the warm hospitality she gave Mum and my sister when they visited her shop through the stories Mum shared with me. Thank you Azza! Do check her Instagram (link on my outfit details) and shop out alright! Finishing the look with Mum's vintage sling. Can't deny that our mothers keeps best treasures.

I feel as though I am always rushing for time. Lately, I am pretty busy with school assignments and alhamdulillah, I am finally done with all of them. Now, I am gonna be really busy mugging for the major exams. Truthfully, I am quite scared. It will be my very first uni examinations and my lecturers warned about how time can be really challenging during the exams as we have tonnes of writings to do. Please pray the best for me yeah!

I will be on a hiatus for now till my exams are done. Do follow me on Instagram if you haven't for more daily updates @zahraaaJ . Insya'allah, I will see you readers soon!

Much Love,
Zahra J.

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