Casual Getup

photos by Amin

Here's a quick update of what I wore yesterday! Was going through my wardrobe and found this old high-waist jeans which was chucked way below and all I could think of was to go casual. Thus, the simple look and I decided to have a throw-over just to add some patterns to the whole look. 

For all my Muslim readers, I hope Ramadhan have been beneficial for you thus far and time really do pass too fast! Till my next post for Eid, Insya'Allah. 

Shawl : Scarlet love shawls
Top : Uniqlo
Throw-over : LincAura
Jeans : Thrifted
Shoe : Korea

Bold Red

photos by Amin

Since my flare pants did all the pretty detailing for me, I decided to have a plain top to match the pants and a floral crown for my shawl. The transparent clutch gave my outfit a simple yet classy look. 

Here's wishing all my Muslim readers a great and fulfilling Ramadhan ahead and may we embrace this month while we are still able to.

Shawl : Scarlet Love Shawls (IG)
Floral Crown : Marilynebleau
Top : Thrifted 
Flare Pants : Thrifted
Transparent Clutch : Nufaa Boutique
Bracelet : Tiffany & Co.

Much Love,
Zahra J.

Play with COLOURS

 photos by Liyana (Instagram : @Liyanay)

Alhamdulillah, first of all, I would want to thank my family members and cousins for all the help they have rendered for my E-Day! It wouldn't be a successful event without them. Thank you everyone!

If you followed me on Instagram, (if you have yet to, follow me at @zahraaaJ) you would be updated on what I was up to yesterday! So, here it is! The theme was to dress sophisticatedly and here's my pick! I know the colours is over for this season but I just love colours! Plus, I was in the happiest mood and my outfit pretty much shows it all! I hope you like my pick as much as I do. Lastly, the highlight for this post is definitely my transparent wedge and "E ring". 

Shawl: Geylang Market
Top: Uniqlo
Blazer: Online
Transparent Wedge: ASOS

Much Love,
Zahra J.