Wedding Bells

photos by Amin

I managed to squeeze some time for a quick shoot during my cousin's wedding outdoor photoshoot! I managed to pair this whole look together and made it look as though I'm wearing a Baju Kurung. (a Malay Traditional Outfit) Since this outfit was meant to be of casual wears, I'll definitely wear this outfit again sometime. 

Shawl : Stylescarfbymira (Instagram)
Top : Sodagembira (Instagram)
Skirt : Nufaa Boutique
Wedge : Anna Nucci

Much Love,
Zahra J


  1. Salam sis Zahra,
    Can you do a post about your journey in Korea? How you found accommodation, about the cost. How you found/cooked food and stuff:)

    Would really appreciate it as I might be going for exchange there and it's pretty hard being a muslim.
    Thank you<3

  2. Salam Sis!

    Insya'allah I will write up a post on it during the weekdays if possible!
    Thank you for your feedback and I wish you all the best for your exchange! It will definitely be a wonderful experience, Insya'allah!

    Much Love,