photos by Amin

Apologies for the housing estate background as I was out when the haze was pretty bad. So, I resulted to backgrounds of my very own estate. I bought this camo top when I was in Korea and have always wanted to pair it with something simple and here is my pick! Wanted to go for a little different look by pairing it with a maxi skirt together with my New Balance shoe.

Shawl : A gift from Mum
Top : Forever 21
Camo Outer Wear : Korea
Maxi Skirt : Far East
Shoe : New Balance 373

Much Love,

Wedding Bells

photos by Amin

I managed to squeeze some time for a quick shoot during my cousin's wedding outdoor photoshoot! I managed to pair this whole look together and made it look as though I'm wearing a Baju Kurung. (a Malay Traditional Outfit) Since this outfit was meant to be of casual wears, I'll definitely wear this outfit again sometime. 

Shawl : Stylescarfbymira (Instagram)
Top : Sodagembira (Instagram)
Skirt : Nufaa Boutique
Wedge : Anna Nucci

Much Love,
Zahra J

Of Simplicity

photos by Amin

Of simple maxi skirt and pairing it with a denim top. I pretty much love how simple the outfit turns out to be with no printed patterns. I must say, it's quite new to me as I have always adore patterns. Decided to add the bright yellow to perk up the whole outfit. I must say, a pair of jelly sandals is a must for 100% comfort!

Shawl : Korea
Watch : Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bag : The Cambridge Satchel

Much Love,
Zahra J.

Red and Yellow

pictures by Amin

Here's a mid-week post! 

Pardon the last picture, I am never serious most of the time when taking photos. =D

When it comes to shopping, I give myself a certain budget. This happens when I am the type who rarely repeats what I wear on weekends! (as weekdays, I have the most laziest/on repeat outfits) Weekends have always been unique as its the time of the week I decide to dress up whenever I can. So, most of my outfits is either thrifted (from fleas, as cheap as 50cents!) or they have to fall below $20! For accessories wise, I wouldn't mind spending a bit more as I will be using them often! 

The above outfit was a combination of colours on my hijab itself! So, that's where the yellow and red combination came from. On a side note, I love flare pants and maxi skirts! Do share with me if you know of any places that sells them at reasonable prices yeah? =) The long cardigan allows me to pair with most of my outfits as it is so versatile plus its white! A must to have for Muslimahs.

I'll come back with a new post soon, Insya'allah.

Do email me at should you have any particular style you want me to share with! I will try my best, Insya'allah. Till the next one!

Hijab : Geylang Market
Top : Thrifted
Flare Pants : Bugis Street
Belt : Bugis Street
Cardigan : Shopinmyshawls
Bag : Eatingzombie
Shoes : Unbranded

Much Love,
Zahra J.

Very First, Bismillah.

pictures by Amin.
As-Salamu 'Alaykum 

A new beginning for me and may this beginning enables me to share with you my interest. May He bless this journey! Till the next one. =)

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Shawl : Geylang Market
Blazer : Cotton On
Top : Thrifted
Bottom : Korea
Shoes : Theclosetlover
Bag : Longchamp

Much Love,
Zahra J.