Saturday, 22 August 2015

After a long Hiatus ft Iwearmodesty

Long Cardigan: Iwearmodesty (IG)
Shoe: Adidas
Accessories: The Shawl Label

Assalamualaikum! It's been too long since I last wrote an entry in this space! Pardon me as I have been catching up with my loved ones. I hope all of you are doing pretty well and thank you for having the time to read this humble space of mine. 

Time flies so fast that we are now in August already! Alhamdulillah, August have been amazing thus far. Of course, the highlight has got to be the day I turned a year older (as He allows me to be awed and thankful for all He have given me up till today) and also Graduation comes screaming at me! (it's like I have waited the whole of my life for this day. HAHA) 
Also, after a change in my career, the takeaways from it was really beautiful, MasyaAllah. Sometimes we get really frightened to explore something new and feel really afraid with all the "what if" questions. I admit, I was stucked in a position whereby I had to sacrifice something dear to me. Which was doing what I love in my previous job. Nonetheless, Allah had something better for me and although I had to give up doing the job I love, Alhamdulillah I am content. So, when you are in a really difficult situation or in the toughest decision making, have faith and believe that what's meant for you will be the best for you. What's not, Allah always have better plans for you, InsyaAllah. 

I was elated when Iwearmodesty (click here) approached me. I have always loved their collection of modesty apparels. The owner ensures that every piece is designed to portray modesty, in every sense of the word. Apart from wearing their collection, I found a lovely sister in the owner herself. We instantly clicked and without realising that we nearly talked for almost 45mins on our first meeting. Sucha warming experience. Ladies, do give your support for Iwearmodesty over on Instagram yeah? They even do customisation and Iwearmodesty ensures that each fabric they chose are of high quality. 

Have a beautiful weekend you alls! 

Much Love,
Zahra J.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Poplook Raya 2015

Shawl: Shopwithinmyhijab
Top: Khadijah Beaded Chiffon Top - Burnt Orange by POPLOOK
Mermaid Skirt: Henna Mermaid Jacquard Skirt - Brown Jacquard by POPLOOK

photos by Amin

Poplook has recently launched their Premium Raya Collection. I am sure many of you have viewed their collection and notice that their pieces this year has a vintage theme to it. They also combine a touch of elegance with simplicity in all their designs. I was particularly attracted to the combination above.

The beaded top matches perfectly with the jacquard mermaid skirt. The thoughts I had when I chose this pair was the different top I could match with the skirt and vice versa. That is how versatile this pair is. For me, the patterns and colours that match the outfit gives me the vintage vibes. The dark palette from this pair sure complete the whole vintage look. Thus, I chose a dark coloured lipstick to go along. (This is my first having such colour on me!) Another plus point for this pair is the top! The sleeves to the top have zip on it making it easier for Wudhu'.

Let me share with you my other personal favourites from Poplook's Raya Collection!

Simple and everything classy! Accessorise this pair with a shawl pinned on your shoulder and you are good to go!

Another classic piece which reminds me of the actress, Saloma. =)

I always have a thing for dresses and this beautifully printed dress stands out on its own.

Let me share with you ladies the other designs by Poplook Premium Raya Collection.

 Have a good time browsing and shopping for your Raya apparels ladies!

Do head over to to view more of their Raya collection!

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims Ramadhan Kareem! I do apologise for any shortcomings from myself. As I blog each time, I am not sure if I have said anything wrong that may have offended anyone of you. Have a blessed Ramadhan and may we all strive to be a better person than who we are yesterday.

Much Love,


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