Monday, 24 November 2014

Sophistication ft HAYFA

Shawl: Shopwithinmyhijab (IG)
Blouse: Classic Wrap Blouse in Rose nude by Hayfa
Formal Pants: Metro
Bag: Michael Kors


Instagram: @ladyhayfa

Giving myself sometime to sort things out before I start sending in my resume and finally joining the "actively seeking for a job" bandwagon. One of the questions that came up to my mind was, "What am I going to wear for my interview?". First impression counts and I would definitely want to give my best at every opportunity that comes. 

Hayfa solves it all. Hayfa creates modest and exclusive apparels that best suit working ladies. From shawls, blouses and even skirts. Best part, Hayfa is also affordable. You ladies should totally check them out!

As seen on me is the wrap blouse in Rose Nude. The wrap blouse comes with a sash where I tied a ribbon and place it at the side. It is a versatile piece which not only can you pair up with pants but also with formal skirts for work or a volumed skirt when attending for functions. Do take note that when it comes to formal attire, it can be quite challenging. Firstly, you really need to do your research on the industry that you are aiming for. As not all shades of colour are suited for all industries. But here's my take on how I will dress myself for interviews. 

All the best to everyone! (especially job-seekers like myself) Always be yourself and do plenty of research!

photos by Amin

Much Love,
Zahra J.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Aderyn x Adrea by Poplook

Top: Adrea Blouse in Grey c/o Poplook
Skirt: Aderyn Flare Maxi in Burgundy c/o Poplook
Crossbody Bag: Rebecca Minkoff mini Mac
Accessories: Michael Kors and Tiffany&Co

Couldn't resist not choosing Aderyn from Poplook as one of my maxi skirt collection. Now I know why the skirt is much loved by many that it was sold out like hotcakes in all colours. I had a pretty hard time choosing the best colour for myself. Settled for burgundy as I realised I didn't already have this pretty colour. Everything about this skirt is just love. The length, flow, cut and material. Hurry! You should totally get your hands on this pretty skirt. 

While browsing through Poplook, I was searching for a simple printed top to go along with Aderyn. Adrea caught my eyes. A lovely shade of grey will compliment my Aderyn in burgundy plus with the baroque print from Adrea, gives prints to my plain outfit. If you have been reading this space of mine, you would notice I am full of colours. I mean, who wouldn't love colours right? =D 
Adrea is also a versatile piece where you may pair it with any jeans or pants for casual days. It also requires minimal or no ironing in case you need to grab a top when you are running late!

Poplook Shop:
Poplook Instagram :

photos by Amin

Much Love,
Zahra J.


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