Wednesday, 25 November 2015

All Comfortable

Shawl : Pudore
Oversized Dress : @nuara_sg
Bag : Poplook x Sometimebyasian Designs
Shoe : Onitsuka Tiger

photos by Amin

Finally finally having the chance to blog! Ahh.. How I've missed writing an entry here. I wanted to share the outfit post on my Instagram initially but dearest A have been sucha sweetheart. He captures lovely photos and being ever patient behind the lens. So here I am. Sharing with you he's efforts! 

These photos was captured quite awhile back and all I could remember was that I wanted to go simple and really casual for my permanent weekend dates with A. I got really excited that A presented me with a lovely shawl from Pudore and decided to match it with my oversized dress from Nuara_sg (Instagram). Since we had some errands to run on that day, paired my whole outfit with my trusted Onitsuka to add on some colour to the whole look! Finishing it off with the ever so roomy Soho Bag by Poplook! This time, the Soho Bag came in mini version. (I can still have all my barangs-barangs, needed or not, in the bag! =D)

I hope I can squeeze in more time at this space before I get really really occupied!

Ouh! Just wanted to share this with all of you! I am currently penning down my last 100 days as a single lady in my personal diary. Each day, I pen down how I've spent my day and takeaways of what I've learned each day. It feels really emotional to see the number of days decreasing but it makes me appreciate people and happenings that I have overlooked before. I hope someday in the future, when I look back on how I spent my last 100 days as a single lady, I'd smile and "Alhamdulillah" follows. InsyaAllah. Give it a try ladies!

Much Love,
Zahra Johari

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Laid back palette.

Shawl: @hanaoliviafs (here)
Lips: Colourpop Matte Lips by @writinginskies
Top: Unbranded
Dress: @nuara_sg (here)

Feels so good to finally have the chance to visit this site once again and writing up a post. I hope when you are reading this, you're in pink of health and remember to keep smiling okay? Psst, you may not know that your smile would mean the world to someone out there ;)

Even before I started donning Hijab, I have been following and admiring Indonesian Muslimahs' fashion. I am pretty sure most of you know Dian Pelangi right? She's so inspiring, MasyaAllah. At such a young age, she had her own label and married. Her collections are simply amazing. Full of colours and yet so modest. From her, I began to follow more Indonesian fashion influencers and I simply love how they modestly dress themselves. Let me name a few of my favourites! @fitriaulia_ , @zahratuljannah , @restuanggraini , @ranihatta and @luluelhasbu . 

To me, they define, "Fashionable not compromising modesty." 

Thus, when @nuara_sg approached me to do a review of their apparels, I can't say no! It's like I finally met THE shop for me to go crazy on all the Indonesian Apparels! I always tried to shop for Indonesian apparels online but the shipping cost is cray cray! Now, I don't have to worry about that all thanks to @nuara_sg! @nuara_sg left me spoilt for choice. I finally settled with a simple buttoned down dress in nude. Plus point, the material of the dress is so soft! I wanted to look really casual and here's my take! Pairing the outfit with @hanaoliviafs lace shawl with a laid back hijab style. Thank you once again @nuara_sg and @hanaoliviafs for completing my look. =)

On a side note, I truly apologise for not giving this space much attention as weekends have been packed with getting the checklist done for InsyaAllah, my wedding. Yes, as much as I am afraid of what the future holds, I know He have my best interest and the best of all planners. 

Much Love,
Zahra Johari.


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